Types of network devices - Switches vs Routers vs L3 Switches

This is always a hot topic between network beginner what is difference between Switches, Routers & L3 Switches? Each device has different uses in different cases. While planing infrastructure you need to select the rig

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Hydra Brute force attack with Burpsuite

Hydra is a very fast online password cracking tool using brute force, which can perform rapid dictionary attacks against more than 50 Protocols, including Telnet, RDP, SSH, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, SMB, several databases and much more.  V i e w M o r e

How to Enable 2 Factor authentication in Centos 7/RHEL 7 ?

CentOS is an Enterprise-class Linux Freeware Distribution which is used wordlwide. To avoide brut force attack on SSH, we can add 2 Factor authentication to increase its security. Their are multiple 2 factor authentication Centos Su

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