I have decided to publish CCNA LAB on packet tracer for students to practice for CCNA exams. You will required Packet Tracer 6.1 or above to open these labs. This is Second lab for CCNA, to get first lab click here


Purpose of this CCNA lab is to check knowledge of:-

  1. RIP
  2. RIPv2
  3. Split Horizon
  4. Passive Interface

You can download this lab from here. Once downloaded you can open it in Packet tracer and start the activity as mentioned in instructions.

Knowledge base for this LAB:-

RIP:- RIP (Routing Information Protocol) used for dynamic routing and works on almost all networking devices. For more information on RIP visit my article  based on RIP

Split Horizon:- Split Horizon is used by RIP to prevent Loop in network topology by not sending routing information on receiving interface of that route. For more information on Split Horizon visit my article  based on RIP

Passive Interface:- On this Interface RIP doesn’t send any routing information, used for interface where systems are connected. For more information on Passive Interface visit my article  based on RIP


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