I have decided to publish CCNA LAB on packet tracer for students to practice for CCNA exams. You will required Packet Tracer 6.1 or above to open these labs. This is first lab for CCNA


Purpose of this CCNA lab is to check knowledge of

  1. Devices Type
  2. Adding Module in Devices
  3. Cables
  4. Add banner
  5. Setting console Password
  6. Setting Enable Password

You can download this lab from here. Once downloaded you can open it in Packet tracer and start the activity as mentioned in instructions.

Knowledge base for this LAB:-

Device Type:- We are using Routers, Switches and PC for this lab. You must understand difference between these devices.

Cables:- You will need to connect cable between devices. So you must know about the cables i.e Cross-Over cable (X-over), Straight cable, Roll over cable and etc. For more details on Cables click here.

Banner:- Device banner is used to display a message while login, starting a exec process and etc..

Console Password:- Setting console password is first step for Device security.

Enable Password:- Enable password is use full for providing access control over device.


I have uploaded a solution video for this LAB

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