How to start Metasploit in Kali 2 ?

Their have been lots of changes in Kali 2.0 and be Kali Linux Network Services Policy, no network services, including database services, run on boot as a default, so there are a couple of steps that need to be taken in order to get Metasploit in kali 2 up and running with database support.

Start the Kali PostgreSQL Service

Metasploit uses PostgreSQL as its database so it needs to be launched first.

service postgresql start

Initialise the Metasploit PostgreSQL Database

With PostgreSQL up and running, we next need to create and initialize the msf database.

msfdb init

Start Metasploit in Kali 2

Now that the PostgreSQL service is up and running and the database is initialized, you can launch msfconsole and verify database connectivity with the db_status command as shown below.

msf > db_status
[*] postgresql connected to msf3
msf >
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