My Name is Akar Periwal, and I am an IT Solutions Expert

I’m a freelance IT consultant living in Jaipur, India.
I specialize in Network Security, Network Designing, Penetration Testing and Hosting Solutions, mostly revolving around the Cisco Devices. I’m interested in scalability, both from a security perspective, as well as a system and network perspective.


Network Security Administrator - Data Center

I have been working on this position at EVERDATA Technologies Pvt. LTD. since last two and half years, my job responsibilities are to make sure that DC have 100% network uptime delivering smooth network performance to client applications. manage network devices including Router, Switches, Firewall, In-bound and Out-bound Data Policy, Monitoring of Network Devices, Monitoring of Network Traffic, Network Scanning for any type of vulnerability or threat.

Project Manager of Cloud - Jelastic Cloud

With help of Jelastic team I have deployed a cloud at EVERDATA Technologies Pvt. LTD. This cloud have full horizontal and vertical scaling for client application. You can find more details about Jelastic from here. Being a project manager include platform setup, Training of Support team, Training for marketing team, day to day communication with client and taking reviews about our platform and services and making effort towards their betterment.

FreeLancer - SolveTheNetwork.com

I have done lots of projects as a freelancer. I am a part time trainer at "KIT EDUCATION" institute where I give training on Cisco, Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing. I have deployed network solutions at different sites. I am also providing web solutions for customers who are looking for a platform where they can deploy their application with ease and max uptime.