VTP Configuration – VLAN Server

In My last post I explained how to configure VLAN in a switch, It is really easy task to configure it. But problem arise when you have 40 or 50 switches and also 20 or 30 VLANs then it become really problematic to configure all these and what if you have to add one more vlan after configuration is done.. you have to go to all switches and do it all again. To resolve this problem we use VTP. VTP (VLAN Trunking Protocol) use server client model.


Configuration of VTP

By default all switches are in VTP server mode so first you have to choose your server switch and configure all VLAN on it. Once VLAN has been added you can begun configuring VTP.

You will need a domain name for VTP to use it successfully and if you want security you can also use password for it.

use below command to configure VTP Server:-

Switch(config)#vtp domain aakarperiwal.com

Switch(config)#vtp password aakar

Once server is configured you can configure Client for it.

Note:- You must configure switch as client before adding it to topology otherwise it will start configuring other client switches in network.

to configure switch as client use below command:-

Switch(config)#vtp domain aakarperiwal.com

Switch(config)#vtp password aakar

Switch(config)#vtp mode client

This will set VTP mode to client. Now all you have  to do is to configure ports of switches which are connected to each other as trunk port. Once trunk is configured Client will get its all details form server regarding VLAN. Any changes done in Server will replicate to client. Only VLAN will be replicated not port settings…

Beside these 2 their is one more mode known as Transparent mode. This mode is used when you don’t want your switch to participate in server/client mode and want to run its own VLAN.
You can watch my video on Virtual LAN configuration also. For more Details:-

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