April 12

Generation Of Firewall

Firewall | aakarperiwal.com

Term Firewall is a system designed to prevent unauthorized access to or from a secure network. This Network can be public or Private. For administrators who are continually focused on keeping their networks and server secure, it is helpful to take a closer look at Generation Of Firewall and the way firewalls function and how they have evolved in recent years to better protect our corporate networks. Continue reading

December 31

Windows or Linux or MAC

Windows or Linux or Mac

It is always a question for computer beginner that which OS to use Windows or Linux or MAC. Here are a few facts about operating systems. Today, the market is dominated by Microsoft?s Windows, followed by Apple?s Mac OS X, which is a strong contender. And third, 2013 has been the biggest year for Linux-based operating systems. Continue reading

November 29

Metasploit series – Introduction

Metasploit is a great tool in penetration testing of a network or a website. Metasplot have many interface, it is difficult to select one of them. My tutorials will help you get up and running with metasploit. I will be using a virtual LAB for tutorials (In the next tutorial we will discuss about LAB). In this tutorial we will talk about interface of Metasploit.
1.) MSFconsole
2.) MSFcli
3.) Armitage

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November 14

How to use Metasploit and nmap

In this post I will tell you how to use Metasploit and Nmap. Throughout the post I will use Backtrack you can use any OS just download metasploit framework and nmap for that OS and install them.
First we need to understand basic terms
Vulnerability – a weakness which allows an attacker to break into/compromise a system’s security.
Exploit- code which allows an attacker to take advantage of a vulnerable system.
Payload- actual code which run on the system after exploitation.
October 13

Hack Email Server using Telnet

Hacking Mail Server
In this article we will talk how to hack email server using telnet?
This is easy, but the only problem is this that this type of attack works for same domain only or domains hosted on same server, i.e you can send mail form *@aakarperiwal.com to *@aakarperiwal.com only. This process is useful in sending this type of mail as it is hard to detect if email is fake or not, because that mail contain that mail is sent from same server.
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