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How to Enable SSH on Cisco

Getting remote access of devices is essential for management of your network. SSH and Telnet are most widely used services. SSH is considered to be more secure then Telnet as SSH used encryption technologies. In this article I will explain how to enable SSH on Cisco devices (Router and Switches).

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How to start Metasploit in Kali 2 ?

Their have been lots of changes in Kali 2.0 and be Kali Linux Network Services Policy, no network services, including database services, run on boot as a default, so there are a couple of steps that need to be taken in order to get Metasploit in kali 2 up and running with database support. Start the […]

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How to Patch CVE-2015-7547 & CVE-2015-5229

Critical glibc buffer overflow vulnerability in getaddrinfo() on Linux (CVE-2015-7547 & CVE-2015-5229) In early 2015 we were startled by the “Ghost” vulnerability (CVE-2015-0235). Now, it’s time for a similar DNS-based remote code execution vulnerability, split into 2 vulnerabilities: CVE-2015-7547 & CVE-2015-5229. This vulnerability was discovered by Google’s security team. What’s the vulnerability? Red Hat has […]